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Highlights: In 2009, Vermont became the first state to pass laws allowing same-sex couples to marry. California, Connecticut, Iowa and Massachusetts had secured marriage equality through lawsuits. Vermont was also the first state to offer civil partnerships for same-sex couples. Highlights: There are openly LGBT candidates on the November ballot for Congress, Secretary of State, and re-election to the state Supreme Court. National protection for LGBT people and people living with HIV has come a long way. “While no state is perfect, there is no doubt that some states have evolved more than others,” said Jon W. Davidson, national general counsel and president of Eden/Rushing of Lambda Legal. Highlights: The state is the birthplace of Sarah McBride, the first transgender person to speak at a major Democratic convention last July. It is also home to two LGBT-friendly beaches: North Shores and the Fun Poodles. Highlights: Forty years before Obergefell, six same-sex couples married here thanks to state law wording. Lambda Legal is currently suing a landlord who refused to rent to a same-sex couple (one of whom is transgender) and their children.

We looked at 21 types of protections in the laws of all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. Some states with the largest LGBT communities have not done our part. California has bad HIV laws, including tougher criminal penalties for sex workers living with HIV. New York still does not explicitly include gender identity in its state laws to protect staff and students. WHAT ABOUT YOUR CONDITION? Learn about your state`s legal protections in or contact Lambda Legal Support at 866-542-8336. Lambda Legal`s helpdesk cannot provide legal advice, and your communication with our helpdesk does not establish an attorney-client relationship. The helpdesk is unable to respond to emergency situations or immediate requests for mutual legal assistance. If you need immediate assistance, please contact a crisis helpline or legal service provider equipped to provide emergency legal assistance. Thumbs up: “Freedom and unity”, the motto of the state, applies to all our criteria.

Highlights: House of Kate Brown, the first openly bisexual governor; Stu Rasmussen, the first transgender mayor in the United States; and Rives Kistler, the first openly LGBT justice to sit on the state`s Supreme Court. MY SISTAHS 2000 M Street N.W., Suite 750 Washington, DC 20036 Phone: 202-419-3420 In addition to health, legal, educational, counseling, and career services, The Door also offers a wide range of programs and services to LGBTQ members. Below are examples of states with excellent protections that illustrate what is needed everywhere. Some may surprise you! And keep in mind that federal law can fill some gaps. If you would like to submit a request to Lambda Legal Support, please send us your information using the form below or by phone and a support representative will contact you. All requests to the Help Desk are strictly confidential. The Iowa Pride Network is a statewide nonprofit organization that works directly with students, helping them start and improve heterosexual same-sex alliances in their high schools and colleges. If you need help with a legal issue related to sexual orientation, gender identity, or HIV, please call your local Lambda legal office and ask for legal assistance.

Media inquiries can be found in our media library. If you are interested in becoming a member of Lambda Legal or have any questions regarding your membership or a donation, please send an email. Thumbs up: On the West Coast, Oregon sets a high standard and offers broad legal protection. Thumbs Up: Little Rhody has strict laws that protect students from bullying, including those attending private schools (who are often excluded from this type of legal protection). NORTH CAROLINA LAMBDA YOUTH NETWORK 343 W. Main Street, Suite 201 Durham, NC 27701 Telephone: 919-683-3037 Sylvia Rivera Law Project provides free legal advice to low-income transgender, intersex, gender and people of color. She represents and advises clients in a variety of contexts. If you are an LGBT person in crisis, please contact a crisis helpline. If you feel unsafe, please contact local authorities. The center offers LGBT people a safe place to receive free legal assistance, referrals and non-judgmental information.

Youth services include The Spot Next Door, a drop-in centre open Monday to Friday. Operation Home Base, a case management program for homeless and at-risk youth; free legal advice; the Youth Leadership Institute and a Youth Advisory Council. The Peter Cicchino Youth Project provides legal advice to LGBT youth who are homeless, in foster care or in the juvenile justice system. Need for work: There is no state law prohibiting insurance plans from excluding transition-related health care. LFC has published a handbook for GLBTQ youth in foster care with a list of resources in New York City and information on legal rights. They also provide legal services to GLBTQ youth in foster care. Fierce Youth Reclaiming & Empowering (FYRE) seeks to support and strengthen the leadership and power of LGBTQ youth of color and their allies in Atlanta and across the state. NO, Texas does not have a criminal law that specifically punishes people diagnosed with HIV for failing to disclose their HIV status before engaging in sexual behavior; However, all states have general criminal laws – such as reckless endangerment and assault laws – under which it is possible to prosecute an HIV-positive person for failing to disclose their HIV status before engaging in sexual behaviour. Need for work: Joint adoptions, which give a child two legal parents, have been granted by the courts, but there is no explicit law. Need for work: Non-religious private schools are excluded from state anti-bullying laws. Thumbs up: Delaware earns its nickname the state of little wonders, with plenty of legal protections and no HIV criminalization laws. NO, Texas does not have laws that criminalize or increase penalties for biting, spitting, and/or throwing away bodily fluids or substances (such as urine or feces) if a person has been diagnosed with HIV, but that does not mean that the state cannot prosecute a person involved in such activities under general criminal laws or advocate for increased penalties based on a diagnosis of HIV of the person.

LSC provides free confidential legal and related social services to LGBTQ youth. LSC also provides legal representation in cases of guardianship, emancipation, child abuse and neglect, and school discipline. The SMYRC provides a safe, supervised, harassment- and drug-free space for sexual minority youth aged 23 and under. THE RAINBOW PROGRAM 3111 Clairmont Road, Suite B Atlanta, GA 30329 Phone: 404-457-1721 Fax: 404-486-9053 Through its media arts programs, REACH LA is committed to respecting the rights of LGBTQ youth, raising awareness of the LGBTQ Youth of Color community, promoting creative media expression among LGBTQ youth, and connecting with existing resources. One of the housing programs offered by Youth Link is the Host Home program, where carefully selected GLBT members open their homes to LGBT youth. YPI`s program is dedicated to addressing the social, emotional, and educational needs of LGBTQ youth. Need for work: Not disclosing your HIV status before sex is considered a crime in Evergreen State. The LGBT and HIV/AIDS project aims to ensure that LGBT youth receive high-quality representation and safe care facilities in the juvenile justice system and to significantly reduce the number of incidents of violence and harassment to which this population is exposed in safe custody.

Cometfire Contact: Scott Quasha Phone: 646-505-5708 GLASS offers a drop-in centre for LGBTQ youth aged 13-25. It is a safe place to relax and socialize with trained adults who are available to talk. MEMPHIS GAY AND LESBIAN COMMUNITY CENTER 892 P. Cooper Street Memphis, TN 38104 Telephone: 901-278-6422 Latino Services Launched by the Centre, Latino/a Services` mission is to create a safe, welcoming, culturally and linguistically appropriate space for members of our community to accept and embrace all that they are, including their culture. Traditions, language, spirituality and sexual and gender identities. The Boston Alliance of GLBT Youth is a youth-led, adult-supported social support organization that advocates for social justice and develops, supports and advocates for programs, policies and services for LGBT youth aged 22 and under. PRONOUNCED Triangle Community Center River View Plaza 19 River Street Norwalk, CT 06850 203-227-1755 ANN ARBOR`S TEEN CENTER 310 E. Washington Street Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104 734-214-9995 APICHA offers a youth project as well as a weekly LGBTQ youth group for Asia-Pacific Islanders.